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alloFactor Practice Management Software overview
Our goal to become the one stop solution for all your clinics needs starts right here. alloFactor, our flagship practice management software, is the core of our product portfolio and is rapidly becoming the industry de-facto with a loyal user community. alloFactor helps improve staff productivity, increase revenue, and reduce costs for our clients. alloFactor comes with integrated appointment scheduling, EMR, and billing modules. It also interfaces with mobile and web interfaces to capture practice interaction with physicians and patients to help further reduce front office costs.

History of alloFactor

Our parent company, Iris Medical Services, had used popular billing software products as a part of servicing their billing clients. While they all had their individual strengths, they all lacked the functional breadth that a billing company needed. So in 2006, we started alloFactor with the core calendar, EMR and billing modules and released it to our internal billing clients. Over time it evolved into a comprehensive platform covering all functions in the clinic. Finally, in 2008, we decided to release it as a product.

All-in-one Software
AlloFactor has all clinical front-office and back-office functions integrated into a single package. No longer do you need to fight with getting different systems to work together. No longer does your staff have to duplicate data entry while maintaining those different systems. And no longer do you need to wonder how to plan for the next big technology or worry about how to meet the new regulatory requirement- because alloFactor has you covered.

Increase Staff Productivity
Several manual tasks, including eligibility verification, patient reminders, and remittance posting, are automated now, saving your staff valuable time. Physicians and staff can access patient data across office locations or continue work from home. System defaults, templates, and reuse of data all reduce the data that needs to be keyed in.

Reduce Errors
alloFactor can help scrub your claims using our rules engine, which has thousands of rules prebuilt in. This will reduce your payer rejections and speed up your reimbursement. In addition, our sophisticated rules engine allows you to enter custom rules based on your practice needs to better eliminate manual errors.

Improve Collection Speed
alloFactor automatically prompts your front desk with the co-pay and coinsurance amounts so that the patient responsibility is captured upfront. Over 4000 payers are connected electronically, helping you get paid in as few as 10 days. And easy statement generation allows for systematic statement mailing, greatly facilitating patient payments.

Eliminate IT Personnel
alloFactor updates itself weekly without any IT staff. With a user interface and application wizards that are similar to Microsoft Office, alloFactor makes it easy and intuitive for a new user to learn the system. Practices can select predefined receipts and statements or easily customize them to their liking.

Rest easy about security & backups
alloFactor uses 128-bit encryption during transmission, physically isolated data storage, and strong authentication to provide rock solid security. Your data is always protected through a realtime protection and nightly backups against any catastrophic events.

Front Desk and Back Office Management
alloFactor covers all aspect of front desk management, including appointment scheduling, patient registration, check-in and check-out. Daily encounter forms and end-of-day reports help simplify front desk tasks. The back office takes over directly from where front desk left off on insurance and patient billing.

Integrated EMR
The integrated alloFactor EMR helps physicians easily view previous medical history and rapidly document visit notes through specialized prefilled templates. Interactions with nurses and front desk staff are routed intelligently to enhance performance and reduce errors. Integrated diagnosis and charge capture helps speed up co-insurance at time of visit and helps billing staff recover revenue quicker.

Management Reporting
alloFactor puts information at your finger tips - our real time reports give you a variety revenue, and collection reports to help monitor and manage your operations. Trend graphs quickly understand deviations and take proactive corrective actions.

Direct import modules
Ready to start using alloFactor? If you are currently using Misys Tiger, Medisoft, Practicepoint Manager and Medrium systems, we can quickly import data for you. If you are using another practice managment software send us your data into Microsoft Excel or CSV format and we will import data for you.

Dramatic Cost Savings
alloFactor product is the most affordable solution for small clinics. Simply install alloFactor on your existing desktop and save on expensive server hardware and IT personnel costs. If you are currently using a clearinghouse, you can expect savings even there - it is typically far less than what you would pay a clearinghouse. Our clients typically save over 50% in IT costs by switching to alloFactor.

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