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Technology used in alloFactor
At alloFactor, we identify each pain point through inputs from our loyal clients and use technology to eliminate those inefficiencies from the healthcare ecosystem.

Hybrid Technology
alloFactor is the only hybrid web solution in the market using both a Microsoft(r) Windows .Net User Interface with robust Java based server technology. Microsoft(r) Windows .Net interfaces increase productivity through rich and intuitive user interfaces compared to browser based technology. Java based server technology helps in centralizing functions where security, integration and economies of scale are relevant. alloFactor also achieves tight-coupling with external partners to achieve seamless delivery of functionality at the point of care.

Hosted Solution
alloFactor is a hosted solution using an Application Service Provider (ASP) model. This means that practices no longer need to manage complexities of maintaining the software and hardware. They do not need to worry about backup server, daily data backups, fax servers etc. Practices do not need in-house or paid external IT staff. In addition, you do not have to purchase high cost equipment such as server, network or backup infrastructure saving you thousands of dollars. A desktop or laptop is all you require at your end. In conjunction with Auto-update manager, this is a powerful solution to provide you the best features.

Rapid Release Cycles
Typically software vendor releases a new version once every year or two. Each release is a way for the vendor and their resellers to charge for their upgrade. And a defect that they had released will not be fixed for that period. alloFactor releases a new version every 2 weeks and practices incurs no cost. And what do they gain? Rapid releases reduces time for a fix or a new feature to be implemented.

Auto-update Manager
Software upgrades are dreaded as it involves getting a technician over to install the update and paying for his time. Not with alloFactor - every time theuser logs in, it automatically checks for a new release, and if a new version is available, it automatically downloads the new version and self installs. Automatic upgrades take no more than a minute. No more waiting for months for a fix; no more requesting your IT person to install the new software for you. Say good bye to your upgrade blues.

Anytime, Anywhere
As a hosted solution, your data remains accessible to you anytime of the day or night. You can access it from your home or from work as long as you have broadband internet access.

Standalone software require you to manually backup data every day. You also need to purchase and install an expensive backup software and purchase tape drives and tapes to backup data. In addition you need to remember to rotate tapes every day and ensure that your tapes are in working condition. alloFactor ensures business continuity by centrally backing up data automatically.

Multi-location Support
Clinic Claims is a powerful solution that can be deployed across locations for large practices and physician groups. You billing team could be distributed within a single network or across the nation. You could be working with outsourced agency. Your providers may need to have access from their home. Whatever your need be, there is no need to set up expensive VPNs or direct network links; Clinic Claims solution can be securely deployed to suit your workflow.

Our security is implemented at each touch point within the system to protect patient privacy. Read more about our security enforcement here.

Continuous Uptime
Our servers are hosted on high availability servers with redundant high-speed network connectivity to internet backbone to provide a near 100% uptime.

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