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Functions in a typical clinic
A medical practice need to perform multiple closely inter-related functions to operate at high level of efficiency.

While the activities at a practice may not be as obvious to the patient, many tasks needs to happen to render service and collect payment while adhering to the compliance requirements. The front-desk is focused on scheduling appointments, signing in / checking out patients, verifying patient eligibility for coverage, retrieving patient charts, collect patient copay, medication refill requests and fulfill any requests for medical records. Front-desk needs to be geared for multi-tasking and productivity improvements.

On the other side, a provider is concerned with the ability to review patients history quickly to aid her decision making. She needs to be able to prescribe medication and order lab results just as quickly writing it on a piece of paper. She also needs to be able to enter progress notes in multiple formats including EMR templates or dictate notes. Providers are typically very busy and demand high productivity.

Back-office transcribes dictations, bills insurance and patients. These are usually cumbersome activities sustaining the revenue generation and compliance needs of the clinic. Powerful solutions to reduce billing errors and accelerate payments are the critical to the back office personnel. Trained staff is hard to find given their low hourly wages. Many clinics outsource these tasks to firms that specialize in revenue cycle and medical record management.

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