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alloFactor security
You can rest assured alloFactor is HIPAA compliant - users can login only with clinic id, user id and password issues by the office manager. All data transmission is encrypted to prevent electronic eves dropping. Data is stored on our secure hosted centre restricted by physical access to machines and industry strength firewall to prevent internet break-ins. The office manager can customize permissions based on defined user roles and collect audit trail information to tailor alloFactor to meet their clinic's needs.

HIPAA Compliance
alloFactor is HIPAA compliant at three levels - by secure authentication, encryption of data during data transmission, protection of data through physical and network security implementation and a audit trail mechanism to tract user activities.

AlloFactor platform enforces proper authentication with a combination of unique clinic id, user ID and password to gain access to the clinic. Upon login, user gains access only to their assigned clinic.

After login, alloFactor checks the user's authorization levels. User can only perform activities that the office manager has allowed them to do. Typically each data group has add, view, edit and/or delete permission.

Secure Transmission
alloFactor uses Industry standard 128-bit encryption to transmit data to the server. Encryption ensures eves- droppers cannot decipher data in transmission.

Data Storage
AlloFactor hosts it application and data from its secure data center in Birmingham, AL. Nobody gets physical access to the server unless escorted by an office staff. Multilayered corporate firewalls ensure nobody can break into our servers to gain access to patient data.

Audit trail
Each activity that the user performs is logged along with the time of the activity. This helps practice track an intrusion or audit unwanted user activity.

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