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alloFactor advantage
Industry leading features
The new Obama administration is bringing about sweeping changes to healthcare industry. Instead of getting stuck with outdated software products, start using our subscription based technology. We will effectively help you stay updated and navigate through what is widely anticipated by experts as an exciting period for healthcare information technology.

Continuous updates
You are no longer stuck with a bug until the next release comes out six months later. alloFactor releases a new version every two weeks with fixes and enhancements. That means you are no longer stuck with an annoying bug forever. In addition alloFactor updates are automatic. Meaning you do not need IT staff to install on each desktop. Rather at the start of each session, the software checks for an update, and if a new version is available, it automatically self updates the software to the latest version.

User feedback
We constantly seek user feedback. Issues or minor enhancements requested are mostly implemented in the next release. Major enhancement requests are tracked to completion and we keep the practice updated about the progress.

Improve productivity
AlloFactor completely eliminates duplicate data entry. There are multitudes of time saving options for staff and provider to improve their productivity. Time that you save on the system is time you can devote towards patient care; or better yet extra time to spend with your family.

Interoperable solution
Ever been frustrated trying to get products from different vendors to work together? alloFactor products are all tightly integrated; meaning you no longer have to worry about getting to work together. We have built all the solutions that you would need and we ensure they function well with each other.

Eliminate IT
alloFactor can be installed and maintained by anyone. Our weekly updates automatically update the software without a need for any IT staff.

alloFactor is priced as the affordable solution for small practices.

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