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iTrans-NG Transcription platform overview
Gone are the days when MTSO needed just a tape player to transcribe the voice recoding. With the move towards EMR, clinics are ever more demanding of medical transcription vendors to substantiate the money they spend on transcription. With President Obama signing the stimulus bill, there is a mass exodus from dictation to electronic medical records. To compete you need to a have a winning proposition of your own. We give you the edge to retain and benefit during this transition phase.

To our knowledge iTrans-NG is the only platform that can provide you with a full blown transcription platform that can directly deliver to an EMR. As an transcription vendor, you can now take the thought leadership in moving the clinic towards electronic medical records while retaining the transcription revenue.

Why is such this integration critical for your success?
a) The change is completely transparent to the physicians
b) Add no additional work on your MTs to deliver to an EMR
c) Prevents loss of existing clients while being able to gain new clients
d) With alloFactor PM, your MTs get direct access to patient & physician information
e) Clinics becomes eligible for stimulus bill (upto $38K 2011-2015) *

This is truly a win-win solution for you and your clients. Time is running out as most clinics are actively searching for EMR vendors. Act now.

Setting up iTrans-NG solution requires a minimum commitment of 5000 lines/day.

* Contingent on alloFactor getting CCHIT certification for meaningful use.

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