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Appointment Reminder Call
alloFactor comes with an optional appointment reminder system that reduces no shows and improves patient satisfaction without any additional involvement from your staff.

In most clinics, patient reminder calls are made only when the frontdesk staff has free time. Even in clinics with dedicated staff to make reminder calls, it is estimated that it costs them about 33 per call. Both are suboptimal because both lead to revenue loss and inconsistent results. Double booking only increases wait times and thus lowers patient satisfaction. Appointment reminder systems automatically address both these issues.

Rarely do you see a practice management vendor integrate reminder calls into their system. That is exactly what we did because potential benefits for our clients are large. Our reminder system automatically pulls up the appointments from alloFactor calendar module and calls your patients to remind them of the upcoming appointment. The patient can confirm, postpone or cancel the appointment and the information is instantly available through alloFactor calendar module.

Setting up reminder call is easy. If you are an allofactor user, simply login to admin login and select the reminder calls feature. If you use a different scheduling system, contact us here

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