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Fax Solution
alloFactor offers an optional inbound and outbound faxing that improves staff productivity by combining print+scan into a single step. We make sending and receiving faxes a simple, efficient and cost effective process. When combined with EMR, this can be an unbeatable tool.

Traditionally clinics have one or more fax lines for inbound and outbound faxing. In the case of outbound faxing, staff would normally print a document and punch in the destination fax number and fax them. They would check for errors and manually retry. Inbound faxing prints to a common pool and then staff would sort them out and manually take it to right person to act. Even if you ignore the time wasted, you can see this leaves plenty of room for mistakes.

With alloFactor fax solution, you or your staff could generate a consult note and fax it directly to your referring physician with a click. Pharmacy could fax you a refill request and it will directly appear as a task in the central workpool. Frontdesk or nursing staff monitors new tasks and attaches the refill request to the patient's electronic chart and then assign to right physician. Physician can review and approve it directly within EMR module.

Many clinics are shifting from traditional telephone lines to VOIP providers with large savings in their monthly bills. Now alloFactor combines the advantages of VOIP and traditional telephone lines and brings you a highly flexible pay-per-use faxing solution. It also allows you to eliminate purchasing pricey fax machines and avoid paying high monthly fee to local telephone provider.

Setting up fax solution is quick and easy. If you are new to alloFactor, download and setup alloFactor platform. Next login to admin login and select the fax solution feature to start your free trial.

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