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A partnership benefiting all
Today clinics demand their medical transcription to be delivered directly into their EMR. As the passing of stimulus bill, most physicians are choosing to completely move away from manual medical transcription. So how can an Medical Transcription Services Organization combat this trend? Move with it. allofactor is the only platform that allows MTSOs to transcribe voice directly into the EMR system and make it instantly available to the physicians.

Looking for a easy, inexpensive transcription platform
Is your current transcription platform keeping up with the rapid evolution in transcription industry? Does it offer all the features while keeping it easy to learn and use. Or are you still using Word and emailing or faxing reports manually? Read about our avant-garde iTrans-NG transcription platform here.

Easy ADT lookup of referring physician & patient name
Are your transcriptionists challenged with finding the correct spelling for referring physicians? Do they constantly look up their names on the internet? Does your provider fax/email you appointments so that you can get patient spellings correct? alloFactor allows you to access details of patients and referring physicians saving your transcriptionists time and reducing errors.

Customizable Transcription Templates
alloFactor allows you to setup customized templates to customize the format and structure of your transcription templates so that all you do is key in the data and alloFactor will apply the formatting.

Anytime, anywhere access
Now you or your clients can access the patient data from any location with a high speed internet connection at anytime. Based on an ASP hosted model, the solution can be accessed from home or office 24x7.

alloFactor has a strong inhouse medical transcription service division. But you can be confident that we will not use your information to compete for medical transcription services. To prove how serious we are about our commitment, we have included our noncompete clause in the standard client agreement.

iTrans + alloFactor EMR = Winning proposition
With Physicians now want their medical transcription to be delivered directly to their EMR. If you are currently delivering word documents, someone at clinic is going to have to cut and paste the information into the EMR to create the patient record. Now deliver your transcription to your clients with alloFactor EMR. Better yet, if they dont use alloFactor yet, recommend alloFactor to them.

Additional revenue stream
Partner with alloFactor in comarketing our billing services to your existing transcription client. We make revenueshare agreements for every new client that signs up through you referral. In addition, we will also train your sales team and provide you with the marketing collateral to get started on this additional sales revenue. So what is stopping you now. Contact us for more information.

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