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Patient statement mailing - FAQ
Q: Can I choose to print only accounts over set amounts?
A: Yes, you can let us us know and we will adjust to print only for accounts over certain balance.

Q: Can I change the date on which statements are sent out?
A: Yes, please send us an email to change the date.

Q: Can I send reminders?
A: yes, alloFactor allows you to set different formats for each reminder type.

Q: What is a first reminder?
A: If the patient does not send in a payment after first statement, then system automatically increments to print first reminder, and then second reminder and so on. This allows you to effectively age an account and send letters with different severity levels.

Q: Is it tied to online payment?
A: No, we dont have an online payment at this time. Patients will have to mail in payments.

Q: How can I see which statement went out?
A: Under Account module, click on Statements button to view list of statements printed each month.

Q: When are statements mailed out?
A: Typically statements are printed on 30th of each month. If you want to alter this date, let us know.

Q: Can I divide the statements across 4 weeks?
A: No, we dont have a facility to split statements across weeks at this time.

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