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Patient Portal
Healthcare is undergoing rapid changes on information technology front and patients have come to expect a lot more from a medical practice. For example, patients increasingly look for a physician on the internet. Your practice is losing a valuable source for new patients if you do not have a web presence. In addition, patients associate a website with a technologically savvy physician. Larger practices and hospitals have recognized this and developed their own custom websites. But for small and midsize practices this is yet another technological challenge that is not easy to resolve. And now alloFactor offers you the only solution in the market that offers your clinic a website that is easy enough for a technology novice.

Patient interaction happens at several different points - we tend to think mostly of the ones that are in person. However your staff is spending valuable time communicating with patients before or after the patient's visit. Front desk spends a lot of their time handling appointment related phone calls - new appointments, cancellations and postponements. They also field general inquiries related to directions, services and insurances. Nurses handle different types of follow-up calls including test results and medication. Verbal patient education is time consuming, repetitive and error prone for the nurse or the physician. Printed material often helps but is limited to perhaps the ten most commonly occurring symptoms. Often after a patient's statement is sent out, they call back because they cannot understand the statement.

alloFactor addresses these issues through a self service patient portal. Portal becomes a single destination for your patients to get answers to most commonly asked questions such as directions, insurances and hours of operation. If you use alloFactor platform, then you can allow patient to directly search for an empty slot on calendar and make and appointment. Online registration module shifts the burden of entering data to the patient, saving your staff up to 20 minutes for each patient. Data entered through registration flows directly into alloFactor billing and EMR software. Physician or nurse can send a lab result to a patient. Or patient can request medication refills.

Using Patient portal is intuitive and easy. You can link dynamic functions alloFactor into your existing web site. Or else you can use our wizard to create your own website.

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