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iPhone Companion - Pre release announcement
alloFactor iPhone Companion is a must have for mobile providers. It eliminates the need for you to be tethered to your office to access your records. Now you can be in the hospital or at home and still operate as though you were in the office.

Providers have traditionally stuck with paper for patient encounters. This means reviewing paper charts for information. It also means they wrote notes on encounter forms or superbills - typical encounter form contains diagnosis codes, treatment codes, follow-up dates, referral information and any tests prescribed. Medication is typically written on a prescription pad. While the encounter form is very efficient in its role as a routing slip, it does have serious limitations when it comes to accurately reporting diagnosis. More importantly it restricts you to your office - if you are at the hospital, you have to write down codes on a flash card. Or if you are on call, you have no easy way to access patient record in the middle of the night, even if you have an EMR.

We envision alloFactor iPhone Companion to be the single device for most commonly used physician activities. With the iPhone Companion, provider can view his appointments for the day. He can add new appointments remotely or add a new patient during hospital rounding. He can pull patient chart summary including problem list, allergies, medication, history and screenings. He can search for and add diagnosis codes and CPT codes to the visit and avoid forgetting to bill a visit. Any follow-up or referral information can be captured at the time of checkout. The staff can see the billing information that the physician entered, and without any duplicate data entry bill the insurance. Physician can also enter notes for a visit which is immediately visible to other staff in the clinic. Future release will allow physician to electronically prescribe medication and order lab tests. We also plan to support E&M coding and medical necessity database in our future release.

If you are interested in trying out our iPhone Companion Beta version, please contact us through email - support@allofactor.com. We will send you additional instructions over email.

alloFactor iPhone Companion for physicians



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