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Electronic eligibilty - FAQ
Q: Can I use alloFactor to verify through another clearinghouse?
A: No, alloFactor is tightly integrated with our clearinghouses. So you cannot verify requests through independent clearinghouses.

Q: How soon can I start verify my patients?
A: You can start submitting verification requests within 24-48 hours of initial request.

Q: Why do you charge for eligibility verification?
A: We charge the same fee that you would pay a clearinghouse.

Q: Do I pay additional to the clearinghouse?
A: No you pay nothing directly to the clearinghouse.

Q: Which clearinghouses do you use?
A: We use Zirmed, Officeally and Availity to route our requests.

Q: Are the price breaks calculated per provider or per clinic?
A: Per clinic.

Q: Is there a price break for submitting volume?
A: Yes, there is a price break. Contact us if submitting over 1000 requests/month for price breaks.

Q: Do I pay if submitted an uncovered patient?
A: Yes, the charge is for a verification request.

Q: Will I be charged if I try to verify cash patients?
A: No, the request will not be submitted if the patient has no insurance information

Q: If I setup automatic verification, will you verify cash patients ?
A: No, we will not submit for patients without insurance information

Q: Can I find out how much deductible has been used?
A: Some insurances may tell you that. However that is not useful information as there might be other claims that have not been processed yet before your visit.

Q: Will you verify non-electronic payer as well?
A: No, we do not.

Q: How many payers can you verify eligibility with?
A: We are electronically connected to over 400 payers for eligibility verification.

Q: Do I pay for resubmissions?
A: Yes, the charge is for each verification request

Q: How do I resubmit a verification?
A: Select the appointment, fix the error using Checkin tab. Click 'Verify' button

Q: Can I submit claims electronically?
A: Yes, see the electronic claims section for more details

Q: Can I verify eligibility?
A: Yes, see the electronic eligibility section for more details

Q: Can I receive remittance electronically?
A: Yes, see the electronic remittance section for more details

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