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Medical billing software by a billing company
Do you still goto the clinic each day to pick up superbills? Are your clients asking for access to online reports to verify claim status? Are you still working with an electronic clearing house that does not directly integrate with your practice management software? Are you still manually entering claims and payments into your practice management software? There are only few that meet your stringent needs including connectivity to clients, organized communication with providers, 24X7 access, instant reporting, integrated electronic submission and automatic payment posting. Now what if this solution does not cost you anything?

Connectivity to clients
With other billing software, you have to setup a VPN network to give your clients secure access to your billing software. Many windows based software freeze up when run using a remote access solution. There are browser based solutions but they are cumbersome and lack the rich interface of a Windows application. allofactor is a hosted Windows solution that your clients can instantly deploy in their office.

Organized communication
alloFactor is built to support information exchange with your clients and detailed activity tracking. Why spend time on phone or emails when you can raise a clarification and the get the answer through the system and get tagged automatically to corresponding claim. When your contact logs into the system, she will be informed of pending clarifications and display a list of claims that you need clarification on. By communicating through allofactor, you will have an organized record of all activities related to the claim.

Automatic payment posting
Where do you spend majority of your time - Entering EOB information into your billing software? With alloFactor your Electronic Remittance Advice gets posted to the system instantly saving you hours of keying in information.

Instant Reporting
The data you entered into the system is immediately available to your clients. They will no longer bother you about Aging reports or Revenue reports each week. Instead you could ask them to pull customized reports at their convinience saving you time to work on other billing functions.

Data migration
We understand you have your existing data in your current practive management software. You can easily import data into alloFactor using one of our interface modules. Contact us to learn how to import data into allofactor.

Anytime, anywhere access
Now you or your clients can access the solution from any location with a high speed internet connection at anytime. Based on an ASP hosted model, the solution can be accessed from home or office 24X7.

alloFactor has a strong inhouse billing services division. But you can be confident that we will not use your information to compete for medical billing services. To prove how serious we are about our commitment, we have included our noncompete clause in the standard client agreement.

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