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Medical billing service - alloFactor advantage explained
Rules Engine
With alloFactor you can decrease denials and collect more because of our advanced rules-based claim error checking and denial management technology. Our rules engines are built using knowledge we have gained from working with a large network of physician practices and industry resources. Every time we receive a rejection or denial, our team of experts proactively puts in a rule across the system so that all our clients gain from it. Over time we have built a comprehensive set of rules reducing rejections to less than 5% of claims handled.

Receivable Management
At alloFactor, we assign an accounts receivable analyst for each account. The analyst manages receivables on a daily basis. He links denials and looks for patterns of denials or underpayments. Identified issues are escalated back to the clinic to prevent them from occurring. Closing the loop between the front desk, physicians and billing staff is one area where alloFactor beats other billing vendors hands down. We can discern patterns better than competitors because we have worked with hundreds of physicians, we have built a vast knowledge base to quickly get to the root of an issue, analyzed other claims affected by the same issues and put in a fix at the point of occurrence.

Aging Management
Each client account has an accounts receivable manager who reviews the aging on a daily basis. Open claims and accounts are prioritized based on outstanding amount and aging. Typical actions involve following up with the insurance payer or raising patient alerts to collect on outstanding payments.

Denial Management
alloFactor billing staff electronically captures each denial reason. Standardized rules are triggered automating the next action to be performed. For example under payments are flagged to billing staff for follow-up with the payer. Denials due to uncovered patients are automatically moved to patient responsibility for patient billing. An automated system helps speed up the process and eliminates human errors. As a result we are able to consistently increase our clients' revenue and speed up payment.

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