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Medical Billing Service

Revenue management is the key function to any successful medical practice, and we have delivered increased revenues and reduced costs to each of our clients. With alloFactor, you take advantage of our expertise and best practices in revenue cycle management. Through a combination of automated rule checks, skilled personnel, persistent claims follow-up and consistent patient billing, we are able to positively impact your revenue.

The physician revenue cycle is so complex that getting reimbursed per your contract is virtually impossible with traditional methods. In order to collect 100% of your contracted rate a practice must implement a health care revenue cycle management solution that effectively incorporates people, process, and technology. And that is exactly what alloFactor delivers.

Maximize Revenues
Most billing vendors focus on primary filing because that is easy revenue. We automate most of the initial filing and error verification and instead focus our dedicated teams on more tedious activities such as insurance follow-ups, secondary filing and patient collection. That is why alloFactor can make a simple promise: We will diligently follow up with payers and patients to ensure that your average return per procedure increases within the first 3 months.

Faster Collection
alloFactor typically files claims within 24 hours of seeing a patient by using integrated software technology and a scalable pool of billing staff. Over 95% of claims are electronically transmitted and remits received electronically to speed up collection. alloFactor, our practice management solution, simplifies the co-pay & co-insurance collection at time of visit. Communication between the clinical staff and our billing team is streamlined for quicker resolution of any issues raised.

Reduced Rejections/Denials
alloFactor has a large set of pre-programmed rules that all claims are validated against before submission. Automated rules ensure average first pass rates above 95% and virtually eliminate manual error. Eligibility verification ensures that payer and demographics are caught at the time of visit rather than after a denial. Medical necessity and preauthorization checks increase your reimbursement levels and eliminate denials. Lower denial and rejection rates help us focus solely on your open accounts receivable.

Increased Control
alloFactor puts you in control of the scope and nature of our billing services. AlloFactor can provide an end-to-end revenue management solution or customize a solution to fit a more limited scope or size. Even though the billing team is external to your practice, alloFactor gives you online access to real time reports, from highlevel summaries to detailed claim level information.

Advanced Technology
Our clients get free access to alloFactor, our very own practice management software. It has been built from the ground up to enhance collaboration between the front desk and a practice's billing team. Our software systems are built to improve employee productivity, eliminate data duplication, prevent errors and reduce overall costs. alloFactor is also scheduled to roll out a comprehensive set of mobile and web interfaces to capture practice interaction with physicians and patients and reduce front office costs. Most importantly, we are able to customize alloFactor to meet the needs of your medical group, a promise that no other product vendor makes.

Transition Management
A consistent revenue stream is of paramount importance, and yet it can be disrupted during the transition to a new billing team if the proper care is not taken. alloFactor understands your concerns and will have a dedicated representative by your side to work with you through the entire transition. The alloFactor representative will perform the necessary enrollments, staff training, custom rules configuration and address customization. You can rest assured because this is a proven process that we have fine tuned over the years.
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